How should I deal with eye irritation from computer screen?

Try artificial tears. Eye irritation from computer use may be due to dryness from inadequate blinking. You might try more frequent breaks, cold compresses and over the counter artificial tears. Also make sure you are wearing the proper glasses, position your monitor at eye level to help avoid eye strain and headaches.

Related Questions

Why have I been having trouble focusing my eyes on the computer screen?

Eye dryness. You might have developed a need for eyeglasses but the most common cause of loss of focus at the computer is eyedryness. Try using a teardrop at you convenience next to the computer.

What to do if I have headaches and eye pain from computer screen, what can I do?

Possibly glasses. Given your age, it's possible you may need glasses for help with near vision. This usually develops around age 40. You could try buying a low power of over-the-counter reading glasses at the drug store, power of +1.00 or +1.25, and see if this helps. Ultimately an eye exam can confirm if this is the case or if you are having another issue.

In the mornings up to a certain time I sneeze a lot and in front of a computer screen my eyes water condition worsens if wind blows. What should I do?

Allergies. You are describing typical symptoms of allergic rhinoconjunctivitis. Your mucous membranes in the nose and your eyes are irritated upon contact with an environmental allergen and may also be irritated by dryness, pollutants because of the priming effect of allergies. See an ENT physician who practices allergies and get some allergy tests done to identify the offending allergen (s)

How long after an eye exam should I wait to look at a computer screen?

Eye exam. It depends on the type of exam. If it's just an annual vision test, then right away should be fine. If your eyes were dilated, then you need to wait till your pupils return to normal. You eye doc should give you this information at the time of your exam.
Any time is ok. If dilated, it can be more difficult but not harmful to see a computer screen (also light sensitivity) since no accommodation and pupils are large until it wears off...Depends on drops used and iris pigment.

Would computer screen adjustments help keep my eyes from getting tired?

Computer glasses. You probably need computer glasses at age 47. You can also make the font size larger.

What is the best type of computer screen for eye health?

Computer screens eye. The larger the screen and higher the resolution (dpi), the less fatigue you will encounter. Some patients like anti-glare covers, but many notice no improvement. You should see an optometrist to see if you are a "latent hyperope" with an undiagnosed + rx. In this case, wearing otc readers (like +1.00) can help. You can also get lasek to get rid of that problem. Most people don't know that.
Screen. The type of screen makes no difference for eye health.

Does staring at a computer screen ruin your eyes or cause cancer?

Neither. It may be tiring and sitting too long may not be good for the weight, however, looking at a computer screen by itself is not harmful to your health. You can help yourself by taking short breaks, even better if you can take short walks.
No. No causation has been shown between computer use and any ocular disease or cancer.