Who all is ok to do an endodontic procedure?

Any Trained Dentist. Any dentist trained in root canal therapy & comfortable/experienced doing so, is legally licensed to perform this procedure. Many general dentists don't like doing root canal treatment because it can be tedious, difficult, & time consuming. Many other (like myself) enjoy it very much. An endodontist is a root canal specialist, so they can handle anything. Your dentist can say what's right for you.
Depends. Dental school provides doctors with the most basic foundation to diagnose and treat endodontic infections.If the tooth in question meets only these basic needs any general dentist is educated to treat it. In many cases the dental infection extends beyond the basics and requires treatment by someone with more advanced training (endodontists). Your decision should be assisted by your dds -good luck.
A dentist. A root cnal can be performed by any licensed dentist who wants to do it. Endodontists are root canal specialist who usually only do root canal type of procedures.