What ongoing therapy can be used for dislocated patella?

What you mean? If you mean the patella is dislocated it have to be relocated and kept in a cast or brace tell it healed.

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Teenager that has dislocated patella 13 times in 2 years. Has patella alta, luxating patella and patella tracking disorder. Treatments to help?

Ortho evaluation. If you have done the quad strengthening and other strengthening exercises and teen still having problems, it may be time to consider surgical intervention to relieve symptoms. I'd suggest at least a consultation with a pediatric orthopedist who specializes in sports injuries, even if this is not happening associated with sports.

Can a cast be used instead of a knee immobalizer for a dislocated patella if the brace doesn't work?

Yes if no surgery is. Needed, braces R removable (temptation is there) & tend 2 slip down if U do not have the perfect leg. That's my opinion, & it's a judgment call. All ortho guys don't Rx the same, & nothing wrong with that.

Dislocated patella - will I make it?

Of course you will! The patella typically dislocates to the outside (lateral side) of the knee. Your doctor will assess you for associated injuries (for example, ligament tear and patella osteochondral fracture). You also want to be evaluated for risk factors including easily modifiable issues like weak quads (in particular the vastus medialis. High risk of recurrence so seek treatment by a sports med specialist.

What sign is normal for a dislocated patella?

Dislocated patella. Dislocation of the patela is trumatic injury, you see the patella most likely going side wise to the outer aspect of the knee.
Pain/defomity. If your patella was dislocated then you would be in severe pain and unable to move the knee which is often stuck in a fixed position due to pain. The knee looks abnormal and the knee cap is generally moved to the outside of the knee.

Dislocated patella and recently began to hurt?

PT, PT, PT. You need to get on a good pt program. Strengthen the inside muscle (vmo). See an orthopedist to make sure nothing else is wrong. A bike is your best friend now...

What activities are okay after having a dislocated patella?

Low Impact. If this was your first dislocation, at 40, you are unlikely to have another. You need to undergo rehabilitation (physical therapy), if you have not already to reduce your chances of it happening again. You should be fine for low impact activities such as walking, easy biking, some eliptical machines. Until you have completed your therapy- I would avoid running and cutting activities.

How to prevent getting a dislocated patella?

Avoid twisting. Unless there are some predispositions to dislocation (malalignment), typically patellar dislocations are associated with twisting and axial loads of the knee. So, to avoid, future dislocations, avoid these trauma. Most importantly, it is imperative to strengthen the quadriceps to help improve patellar tracking with knee range of motion.

What are some ways to prevent dislocated patella?

Let see if I could. If you know you tendency for that problem. You could wear brace and try strengthen the muscles by having program to that, avoid sport activity may cause this problem. Do repair of the structures (surgically) to correct any problems could lead to it.

Do I have to have surgery for a dislocated patella?

Not necessarily. Initial (first-time) dislocations are rarely treated surgically unless there are extenuating circumstances or associated injuries which may require surgery. Otherwise, surgery is typically reserved for patients who have demonstrated recurrent instability or who are unable to perform their desired activities due to pain, instability, or apprehension.