When I'm congested on one side of the nose, I get watery drips that come out of the nostril thats not mucus. Could it be csf? Had sinus surgery 1 yr.

Need more info. See your surgeon who can test for this easily. What type of sinus surgery did you have? Any complications following surgery? Do you have any ongoing headaches? What makes you suspect CSF leakage? Most people undergoing sinus surgery don't have many complications involving CSF leakages, unless you had a complex surgery involving your sphenoidal, frontal or ethmoid sinuses close to the brain. .
Very unlikely. I it is CSF leakage due to the surgery(CSF rhinorrhea) it would have occurred after the surgery not a year later.It sounds like it is part of your congestion. Have your doctor check you if you are still having dripping when not congested. Best wishes.

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Had a runny nose mix with mucus and tear drops dripping out of 1 nostril for about month now. Had sinus surgery 8 months ago. Could it be CSF leak?

Seriously doubt it! Your symptoms sound more like basic, run of the mill rhinorrhea - likely caused by allergies or viral illness. Let the ENT who did your surgery know your concerns and symptoms. They can examine you, help determine cause, and provide treatment to get you some relief. Read more...