Is jaw and cheek pain normal in an ear infection?

Can be. Ear infections can cause jaw and cheek pain, but infections of the teeth or sinuses can also cause ear pain. Tmj problems also frequently cause jaw, cheek, and ear pain. If you have not been examined it should be checked out.
Not rare. It is not rare but you need to see your doctor to make sure that this is really an ear infection and not an abscessed tooth or some sort of salivary gland infection instead.
Yes, but. Yes, but make sure it is an ear infection. I've seen may cases of "ear infection" with a normal ear and a TMJ problem. The TMJ is the most common cause of non ear caused ear pain. If the "ear infection" does not improve with treatment, see an oral surgeon to determine if you have a TMJ or jaw problem.

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Is it normal for an inner ear infection to make your head feel like it's under pressure?

Yes. Normally, air at the same pressure is present on both sides of the ear drum. With an inner ear infection, the space behind the ear drum is closed off to the outside, allowing fluid, infection, and pressure to build up. Once the infection clears, everything usually returns to normal. See your doctor if the pressure remains.
Not usually. Inner ear infections usually cause dizziness and hearing loss. Middle ear infections may cause pressure in the affected ear, but are also usually associated with decreased hearing and pain.

Neck X-ray normal. Neck pain that hurts my head and in my ears. No ear infection. What could be issue?

Neck pain. You may have tension headache that feels like neck pain and also like headache and earache. Neck xray would be normal in that case. It'd be nice to know what you've tried so far for that if you did try something, so we would suggest something else.
Neck pain. Can be many sources including the muscles of your neck. Also neck x-rays are great for looking and bones and their alignments as well as disc spaces. Ct scan is better. Sounds like you had one already. Is it localized just to your neck and head? If it is other considerations could be occipital neuralgia. If it has been there for longer than 6 weeks would have it investigated further.
Probably jaw joint. It sounds as if your jaw joint is having some problems. Do you clench or grind your teeth? Do you like chewy and crunchy foods? Do you chew gum? If so, you need to go on a soft diet, take anti-inflammatories as needed and use ice on the areas that bothers you 3 to 4 times a day for 20 minutes at a time. You should also discuss this with your dentist.

My 20 month old has an ear infection and complains of head pain. I took him to Rady Children's Hospital ER today and the pediatrician did not examine his head at all after diagnosing the ear infection. So my question is, is head pain normal when there is

Head pain. Or head ache, with ear infection can be a common symptom, but it seems that you are still concerned, the doctor who examined your child was comfortable with the diagnosis and probably didn't see any other sign that would make him/her concerned about your son's condition, at any rate, it's your right to be answered for whatever concerning your child's health, you can go again or see another doctor.

Had ear infection tht spread, jaw cldnt open & stabbing pain in head behind infected ear. Pain in head has returned months later. Shld I b concerned?

See you PCP. Always pay attention to a new or recurrent/worsening pain. This could be a recurrent infection or mechanical damage from the previous infection. Or maybe you are grinding your teeth at night. A quick look in your ear and exam of the jaw and teeth should go a long way to ruling out these possibilities. It is always better to have things evaluated early BEFORE they have a chance to spread.