I get sick and forget to eat everytime I go through a breakup? Sign of eating disorder?

Eating disorders are. more longstanding - meaning that they occur across longer periods of time and don't tend to crop up only during one type of scenario. More than likely, forgetting to eat has to do with the fact that a breakup can be a difficult adjustment. If you continue to have these sorts of troubles for more than a week or two after a breakup, it might be a good idea to speak with a therapist.
Stress anorexia. Hi tundra6, people deal with stress in many ways.Some over-eat, some dont eat, some drink,some cry alot. Missing a couple meals during stressful times is not ideal,but it is not an eating disorder in the classical sense.Anorexia nervosa and bulemia are chronic conditions that will not fade with time.These conditions require doctors, therapists, and a willing patient to be overcome. Hope that helps.