My father was diagones with early-stage prostate cancer. He is african american with high blood pressure. What is some the ways he treat this disease?

Many options. There are numerous options depending on the risk status of your father- this depends on the pathology (gleason score), size and psa number. Treatments include observation in the elderly, robotic surgery, external radiation, radiation beads, proton therapy and cryotherapy ( freezing).
Tx of prostate ca. There are few options for tx including surgery, radiation with molded prostate as well as the new high frequency ultrasound treatment.You need to discuss with your father urologist to determine the best option for him with his blood pressure.And his findings.
Depends. Treatment will depend in psa level, gleason score, % positive biopsy, clinical stage and patients expectations. Treatment can depend on urologist preference and expertise. Different option 1 radical surgery (robotic, open retro pubic , perineal), 2 radiation (brachy, imrt, ebrt, combo), 3 cryosurgery, 4 active surveillance. This are fda approved. Hifu not fda approved is an option out if usa.
Many options. Treatment of early-stage prostate cancer is tricky. Most men with prostate cancer do not die from it and may do very well with little or no treatment; yet it is not unusual for it to spread and become fatal. Standard treatments like surgery and radiation may cause serious side effects. Which options are best depends on his age and the nature of his cancer (like his gleason score). See comment:.