I have a five year old. Her face has white spots that wont away. Her doctor said they would but its been over a year. Any medication for that?

Tryptophan. If protein is not digested body does not get enough tryptophan - precursor for both serotonin and melanin. Could be a sign of indigestion. Get tested with metametrix lab - urine organix profile - this can pinpoint the problem. Use aminosport by biotics or neuro-htp by biotics to improve this issue.
Get rechecked. White spots on the skin can be caused by a skin fungus, nutritional deficiencies, or other skin conditions. It is first necessary to know what is causing the spots before we can select the correct treatment - your doctor can do a full exam and ask some detailed questions. If your family doctor or pediatrician still isn't sure, they may suggest you consult with a dermatologist (skin specialist).