Is it ok to sit down if I have lower back pain spasms?

It's ok, you have. To sit at some point in time, but be aware you'll have a hard time getting up!

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Hi, I have had lower back pain since the end of January. Since then the majority of the pain has switched to the right side of my butt and my right thigh. The pain stops at the knee. I also have considerable tightness in my thigh which has been spasming.

See details. Then see a doctor and have the issue evaluated an treated. This is netve compression aka sciatica.
Maybe your back. Low back pain that radiates into the leg is called sciatica. One common cause is a herniated disc in the lumbar area, but that is not the only cause. Simple exercises and stretching, along with over the counter pain medication is the first place to start. If it has been present for more than three weeks, see a Doctor.
Sciatica. 34yo w. several weeks of low back pain & radiation into unilateral buttock, thigh & knee has sciatica, which is a pain pattern w. several causes; including lumbar disk disorder, sacroiliac joint, SIJ, disorder w. presacral plexus impingement & pyriformis syndrome. The best doctor to diagnose is not Rheumatologist or Orthopedist, but an Osteopath, who understands soft tissues disorder diagnosis.

I have severe lower back pain when I bend over, lift things, lay down flat on my back, sit for to long, stand for to long that has lasted for 2 years?

Many Possibilities. Depending on how long it's been going on, I would consider an evaluation by a spine specialist. Sometimes it could be a muscle imbalance, early onset arthritis or scoliosis. Also could be a pinched nerve/herniated disc. Either way it might be good to figure it out and get appropriate treatment.
MRI? If you have pain radiating into your legs, or you have numbness, tingling, or weakness in your legs- you should be checked out by a spine specialist and likely get an mri. Even if you don't have symptoms in you legs, assuming you have tried conservative options, you should probably get looked at by a pain specialist or physiatrist, and still possibly need an mri.

Hi I've had constant lower back pain now for 6 months. I get no relief from sit, standing or lying down; it hurts anyway. In the last month my stom?

Needs to be checked. You have had constant back pain for last six months. It is about time you consult your doctor and have it checked. Have you taken any meds for pain. Any history of trauma etc. Get it checked as you may need imaging like xrays/MRI etc to make the diagnosis and treat appropriately.

Sat down to have nightly cuddles with my son when this deadly lower back pain started. Now it hurts to stand, sit or lay down?

Go to the Doctor. It surely sounds like this question is the very definition of when one should be going to the doctor's office. Your pain is present no matter what position you assume. Please sign off of the internet and go see your physician.