If i. Have pulmonary hypertension, what muscle relaxers. Can. I take?

Depends on therapy. Medications can interact with other meds. Uncertain what therapy you are on and as to whether they are safe to take with to your medications. If the muscle relaxer can decrease your chest muscle strength is. This would be up to your pulmonologist.
Muscle Relaxers. There are too many drugs that are used as muscle relaxers to answer your question. In general, there should be a compatible medication for you. Talk to your doctor.

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I have pulmonary hypertension. Can I still take birth control. Or should I switch to Norethindrone. 35mg to reduce the risks?

BP and BP pills. High blood pressure of whatever etiology (cause) requires consultation with your MD to determine the severity and what contraceptive method or birth control pill is best. I don't have BP measurements or know your history to give you a accurate answer.

If you have pulmonary hypertension secondary to sleep apnea, how long did it take to develop?

It's hard to say. Inadequate sleep prevents the body from healing itself which leads to inflammation in the body. Inflammation is key cause of many health problems like asthma, hypertension, arthritis, and auto-immune disorders, have an obvious inflammatory component. Treating sleep apnea helps to lower systemic inflammation, which might prevent or help remedy some serious health problems.
Sleep Apnea. Most studies show sleep apnea doesnt cause pulmonary hypertension to worsen too much.

How long do I have to live if I have diastolic dysfunction and moderate pulmonary hypertension. I take diuretics, norvasc (amlodipine)?

Cardiology. Depends on your compliance with medications, exersize tolerance, coexisting diseases and many other factors. Your cardiologist is the best guide.
Diastolic dysfunctio. Not sure there is good morbidity data for that condition. Ask your physician if you have any other causes of pulmonary hypertension that may impact your prognosis.
No way to know. More people die with diastolic dysfunction than die of diastolic dysfunction. Only a doctor with access to your heart cath and exercise testing results can really make a meaningful prediction of your life expectancy and even then accuracy is questionable.

Can an elderly with copd, pulmonary hypertension, blood clot in leg take cough syrup for her cough?

Yes. Yes, if your doctor prescribed it for you. He/she already factored in all of your problems and medications you are currently on with any new medication recommended.

Can I take vitamin C pills (always made of sodium/potassium bicarbonate, (sodium bicarbonate) ascorbate, benzoate...) w. pulmonary hypertension requiring low sodium diet?

Yes, however... I strongly advise you take Vitamin C, ideally 1000 mg 2-3x/day, but you should try to find forms without sodium. I don't know what's available in Denmark, but in the US you can find ascorbic acid, or calcium or magnesium ascorbate without sodium. Lypo-spheric Vit. C is esp. Well-absorbed, but has 120 mg of sodium, but a low sodium diet usually allows 2000mg/day. Vit. C is best with bioflavonoids.

If I have pulmonary hypertension should I be doing high tenacity exercises?

Possible. Depending on the severity and cause of pulmonary hypertension, more intense exercise may or may not be tolerated and/or advised.
Depends. If on therapy and tolerating exercise you can increase intensity. However pulm HTN usually decreases exercise tolerance.