I have been using lopid (gemfibrozil) and my cholesterol values have gotten worse. Any specific reason?

Depends. Lopid (gemfibrozil) is an old medication used for treating high triglycerides, not ldl. So if your cholesterol is worse, you need to know what deteriorated: LDL or triglycerides. Be plant based, eat lean protein such as poultry and fish (no skin, grilled, baked, broiled or boiled), and decrease your carbs since they worsen both LDL and triglycerides. Add 2-4 grams of fish oil daily. You may need a new med.
Gemfibrozil. This med is used to lower triglycerides which are another risk factor for vascular disease. So they will not directly lower the cholesterol, so you should look at your lipid profile and you should see improvement in your triglycerides and in your ldl/hdl ratio. Also even though you are taking a medicine to help with your lipids ou need to maintain a low fat diet.