Toe nail fungus and athletes foot. How to get rid of both? Did laser and now getting prescription cream. What is source of athletes foot. Perspiration

Athletes Foot. Fungus lives in areas that are dark, moist and warm. That is why your feet get the most fungus. Having laser or any other fungal treatment does not guarantee it will not come back if you have contact with another source of fungus. Using an anti-perspirant on the foot as well as avoiding areas of fungus and changing your shoes/socks throughout the day all help to minimize exposure to fungus.
Athlete's feet. Is caused by a fungus and requires moisture and warmth to grow. Shoes are the main culprit. Good hygiene and synthetic socks and wearing sandals will help. There are both topical and oral medications for treating this, depending on the severity. Discuss these with your doctor. Nail fungus is best treated orally. Lamisil (terbinafine) is a drug used most often. Laser plus topical anti fungal cream may also work.