Tightening in stomach feel like baby squeezing insides is this braxton hicks contractions? (30) weeks pregnant! Happens throughout the day!

Maybe. What u are describing maybe braxton hicks or just baby moving. I suggest that u palpate (feel) your abdomen when u experience discomfort. With ctxns u should be able to feel the muscle wall become firm then relax once the pain resolves. Either way, pay attn. Keep well hydrated. If your ctxns are rare (less than 6/hr) and mild it is likely okay. If they persist see your md.
UTERINE CONTRACTIONS. It is not false labor pains if the contractions are progressive, getting stronger, becoming more frequent at short intervals and accompanied by "show" or vaginal discharge. Your OB will examine to find out if your cervix is starting to dilate otherwise you will be sent home as having braxton hicks constractions.

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Can having a bunch of braxton hicks contractions all through your 3rd trimester facilitate childbirth?

As long as. It doesn't cause premature labor, usually it will have your cervix more ripe when u do go into labor , I am sure your doctor will start checking your cervix at 37 weeks or earlier if you are having too many contractions, and the doc can tell u where u are at. Read more...

For the last 4 hours I've been getting frequent long lasting painless braxton hicks contractions. I'm 30 weeks pregnant. They last for about 15 mins. Is this labor?

Needs evaluation . Generally we advised patients to go to labor and delivery to be evaluated if their contractions are five minutes apart for at least an hour. At 30 weeks you will need to be evaluated to see if this is preterm labor or braxton hicks. Read more...

Hello, I am 35+5 weeks pregnant and my cervix is high but very soft and open. Baby #3 an have been feeling pressure pains most of day, not like Braxton hicks contractions though.

Need an exam. If you are 35weeks5days pregnant and having pressure pains you need an exam. False labor is fairly common in 3rd pregnancies but the only way to know for sure what is going on is to be examined. Call your OB or go to labor and delivery to be checked. Play it safe. You don't want to have a preterm baby at home alone. Best wishes to you and the baby. Read more...