Is it ok to use bug spray with deet on young children, and if so should the amount used differ from adult to child?

Deet 10-30% Both the cdc and american academy of pediatrics support the safe use of deet 30% and below for children over 2 months of age. Parents should not let children apply it themselves and it should only be applied to exposed skin and not hands that may go into little ones mouths. Repeated studies have shown safety. Avoid oil of lemon eucalyptus for those under 3 years of age --it is not safe.
DEET bug spray&kids. I usually do not recommend deet spray directly on kid's skin. It cna be sparyed on tho htier clothes instead. For exposed skin use some other insect repellants like citronella. Deet is known to be neurotoxic and can cause seizures in some rare cases. Better to be safe even if it is a rare incident!