Is it true that quick fatigue/cramping of a muscle in the leg compared to the other leg is a symptom of compartment syndrome?

Maybe. Exertional compartment syndrome is characterized by reproducible aching in calf often associated with foot tingling or numbness when exercising due to swelling of the muscle in the confined area the nerves and blood vessels go thru Measuring the pressure with a needle before and after exercise makes the diagnosis Surgery fixes it.

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Can muscle cramping in the calf cause compartment syndrome?

Calf cramps. You seem to be very concerned about having a compartment syndrome in your lower legs. As a sports medicine MD, I personally suffer from Achilles tendinitis and myositis of the calf muscles and assure you most calf cramps are the benign result of overuse. Exercise induced chronic compartment syndrome is a rare but serious cause of calf pain. Please see an MD ASAP to check for compartment pressures! Read more...