Rheumatoid arthritis for 7 yrs. On methotrexate & prednisone. Tried so many drugs (orencia, enbrel, (etanercept) humira...). Feeling defeated. What else can I try?

Other choices. Some older drugs such as Plaquenil may help, especially with fatigue. There are also newer drugs that act via different mechanisms such as actemra (tocilizumab). I assume the diagnosis of RA is definite. If not, retest other possibilities. An exercise program may be very beneficial, especially if you start slowly and build up with hurting yourself. Don't give up hope. You can get better.
Arthritis. Try dietary changes. There are forms of arthritis that respond to the restriction of certain things in the diet such as "nightshade arthritis", etc. Check out dr ronald hoffman. He is an amazing source of knowledge on diet and how it affects the body. Hope this helps.