When are there side effects of docusate sodium?

GI mostly, . Can cause diarrhea, cramps, elctrolyte (blood chemistry) abnormalities, rarely rash or throat irritation. Side effects within 1-3 days.

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Is docusate sodium/sennosides appropriate for ibs-c and can it be used "freely", or are there side effects?

Melanosis coli. And dependence are the big side effects of continued senna use. It is better to titrate MiraLAX (polyethylene glycol) and natural calm. If those over the counter meds don't work there are prescription meds like amatiza or linzess., all that are safer for long term use.0.
Yes. The stool softner and laxative combination will help relieve your symptoms. Side effects include possible allergic reaction, excessive diarrhea or constipation may persist despite meds. Dehydration and electroltye problems may result if excessive diarrhea.

Almost 2 weeks on lithium & I feel good. I prolly could use an lil more but I am constipation! I started colace (docusate sodium). Is that a side effect to lithium :|?

No. Your constipation is coming from your iron supplement. If it is persistent I would also have a thyroid level checked because hypothyroidism can cause constipation. Hypothyroidism is also a potential side effect of lithium but usually after long-term use. About 25% of people who use lithium will eventually develop hypothyroidism. I hope this helps. Best wishes.

Pain &bright blood w hard BMs. Since colace (docusate sodium) & fiber, seem WAY better, still little bump left side of anus. Is this fissure? No HPV- scared anal cancer

Sounds like. You have hemorrhoids causing your lower GI bleeding and the lump may represent a clotted hemorrhoid. You need to consult with a General Surgeon! Ask your PCP (Primary Care Provider) for a referral Hope this helps! Dr Z.