Whats the symptoms of heart attack or clogged artery in heart?

Angina. Chest pain, arm or neck pain, nausea, sweating, lightheadedness, shortness of breath. .. Although could be subtle. ..
Heart attack. Chest pain, nausea, vomiting, death if not treated promptly.

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How do you tell how clogged your arteries are in your heart? Like the ones that if they got clogged would cause a heart attack?

Angiogram. An angiogram, in which dye is injected into the artery while x-rays are taken, is the usual way doctors look at heart arteries to see where the artery clogs are. It is not a simple procedure to do, so is only done when a patient is at a high risk of getting a heart attack or similar medical problem, or after a patient has already started having a heart attack.

Does hiccups have anything to do w your heart? Anything at all? Is it a sign of heart attack or cloged arteries stuff like that at ages past 50,

No. Usually hiccups are due to spasm of the phrenic nerve- the nerve the innervates the diagphragm. They are not sign of a heart attack or other vascular event.
Yes rare. Very rarely. Hiccups have multiple causes. Heart attack is the least common. But, inferior myocardial infarction can cause hiccups. If you have not had any chest pain or any other symptoms, non diabetic non smoker you need not worry. Otherwise talk to your doc.

Hi can you have a heart attack at age 23? I have a very poor diet and I am very sedentary. ECG came back, also could my arteries be clogged at 23?

Possible at 23 y.o. Yes, what you mention is possible but less probable as when you are older. Please continue to see your doc and also discuss diet and lifestyle changes that will lower the probability of ill health even more. See a book called "Disease Proof" by David Katz for some self-help. Peace and good health.

I am going to have a 4 heart by pass. (i am female 60 years old) I had a mild heart attack a month ago. They put a stent in they say there are many narrowing in all the vessels. So they feel I need this by pass, my question is the clogged arteries that wi

CABG. During a CABG procedure, the clogged portions of coronary arteries are bypassed with using short sections of a vein removed from one of your legs called the great saphenous. It is like building an overpass to redirect and flow of blood away from the clogged section and deliver it to the compromised heart muscle tissue.
Good solution. Given the situation a coronary bypass seems your best solution.

Are there any preventive tests to show if artery is clogged? My mom died fatal heart attack she had everything but mra or catheterization. Dad wants to make sure his arteries ok. Ekg stress test done

Yes. You can do a ct angio or ct MRI to assess vascular disease.
Most fatal MI's - Not usually caused by progressive obstruction, but by rupture of an existing plaque. This involves inflammatory response in the arterial wall, and the subsequent formation of an obstructive clot. Tobacco and other factors can greatly increase the likelihood of this occurrence; evaluation needs to be done by a cardiologist, and all risk factors should be identified and reduced.
Partially. Stress testing is the common with ekg echo or nuclear. Ct with calcium scoring has become popular but may show calcium without any blockage or may have blockage with no calcium. Newer faster ct is expensive but evolving. Cath is most accurate but invasive and costly.

My triponin levels were at 5.0 in the ER and remained up overnite. No damage shown on ekg, is a mild heart attack possible? Clogged secondary arterie

Heart attack by def. Elevated troponin indicates you did have a heart attack by definition.
NONSTEMI. It appears you had a non s-t elevation myocardial infarct or subendocardial infarct. The consequences of which to be determined by serial echocardiography, cardiac catheterization (unless recently done).

Could one get a new artery transplanted in their heart after a heart attack?

Heart Attack. A Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) transplants a vein from your leg to carry blood to the underserved part of the heart.

Why is it that a 100% blocked artery is not reopened if the heart attack was more than 48 hours old?

It's too late. Re-perfusion of an area that has 100% occlusion for more than 48 h will not revitalize the muscle. That part is dead already.
Muscle damage. Once the artery is closed, the muscle that is supplied by the artery is damaged. The longer the blockage persists, the more complete the damage, to a point where the area will become all scarred. Once the damage is that significant, opening the artery does not help and therefore the procedure would pose unnecessary risk.

My dad 53 years had angioplasty in 3 arteries last year after heart attack, is there probability of heart attack recurrence?

Yes; permanent chanc. One of the biggest risk factors for a heart attack in the future is having experienced a heart attack already. Thus, once you have a heart attack, you confirm that you have atherosclerosis (thickening of the vessel walls), and that leads to (9) a permanent increease in risk.