What is chest pain below breast bone area from?

Pain sternal tip. All major organs go there: heart, lungs, stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, colon, diaphragm muscle. Pain in the uppper tommy right under the sternal tip can be from all those. Heart attack on the bottom of the heart can have symptoms such as sudden severe upper tommy pain with nausea + vomitting that even er doc can initially attribute to a stomach crisis until an ekg shows the heart.
Depends. Can be due to heart, liver, stomach, esophagus, aorta. .. Needs to be checked out by md if persists or worsens.

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Minor chest pain in breast bone area any concern?

Usually not. Common cause of chest pain is costochondritis/ tietz syndrome which is an inflammation of cartilage and bone junction of the ribs with the sternal plate. This causes pain in the breast bone.
Can be. Most are due to inflammation of the cartilages connecting the ribs to the sternum (costochondritis). .. But if persists or worsens, should see md to get your heart & lung checked out. ..

Hello! I have been dealing with chest pain that was DX as costochondritis for about 3 and a half weeks now. It's very uncomfortable and painful. Are there any ways to get relief? I can also feel swollen areas around my right breast bone.

Costochondritis is. An inflammation you should try anti-inflammatory such as actoaminophen, Ibuprfen or naproxen for a week or so or apply an anti-inflammatory gel to the affected area.

What could cause chest pain under the breast bone?

Chest pain. Chest pain can be due to an heart attack, esophagitis, acid reflux, musculoskeletal problems, gall bladder disease, pericarditis, pneumonia, pleurisy etc. Check with your doctor.

I have been having chest pain under my breast bone?

Need more info. In order to evaluate the cause of your pain, more descriptors are needed - about the quality, duration, alleviating or aggravating factors etc etc. Consider a consult on this platform.
ER. Amy unexplained chest pain near the breast bone should be evaluated at the ER or UC clinic.

Stabbing chest pain right breast bone?

ER now! Go to the er now! This could be heart related, an aortic problem, a pulmonary embolism (lung clot), or less severe - an infection or reflux disease. But I need lots more info about history, time course, symptoms, and labs to be sure.
ER now. In case this is heart or vascular related, I suggest you go to the er now. Time is of the essence.

Random chest pain below left breast bone what could it be? For about 3 days now

Asked and Answered. Please recognize that your question has been answered accurately and graciously. It is rude to continue to ask the same question here.

Can heartburn cause chest pain also under breast bone too?

Yes. Reflux can cause pain entire length of esophagus. Aggravated by spices foods caffeine, relieved with liquid antacids.
DGL. Avoid all culprits. Use dgl- deglycerinized licorice- 1-2 tabs for symptoms & in between meals-chew & eat. Check drhoffman. Com (website) aloe liq is good. Take 2-4 oz of kefir- yogurt drink saturated with probiotics./.
Chest. 1-esophagus and heart are on same sympathetic circuit. Angina or heart burn can be same discomfort, 2-chest wall where cartilage rib attaches to breast bone and rib can be inflamed. Pain can be reproduced by compression. 3. Consult physician for clarification.