Is it normal to have vaginal bleeding after menopause?

No. If you are of menopause age and have gone a year without periods and then start bleeding again, you should see a doctor. Cancer (particularly of the uterus) is an important potential cause that needs to be excluded.
Never assume normal! Menopause is defined as no period for 12 months. In women who meet this criteria, bleeding should be taken very seriously as the risk of cancer is very serious. They should have: 1. An exam 2. An ultrasound 3. An endometrial biopsy this should all be done in conjunction with consultation by an ob/gyn. I hope this helps!

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I'm hysterectomized +surgical menopause + plus sexually inactive. Yesturday vaginal bleeding. Today I 't all ok. Should I see a gynaecologist? Thanks

You may be. hysterectomized but you likely did not have complete oopherectomy . You still have hormones. Vaginal bleeding is unusual if you do not have any uterus left - I would be concerned there is some hypertrophy of uterine remnant which may be left with cervix, or just plain bleeding from vaginal vault. Please see a GYN for examination and proper diagnosis. Read more...