What are the symptoms of bunions?

Pain/discomfort. Patients chief complaint with a bunion bunion is usually "bump" pain. The bunion can get irritated by shoe gear and/or activity. Wearing better, more supportive shoes can help the symptoms. These are progressive and at some point surgical intervention may be the treatment of "your" choice. Discuss with a foot specialist as to what might work best for you. Dr l.
Several. Pain, enlargement of the bone at outside of the big toe joint, turming of the big toe towards the second, decreased motion of the big toe.
Usually pain. Bunions are often asymptomatic and can therefore be left alone. When they do cause problems, it usually involves pain either on the inside of the big toe or "overload pain" in the second toe region. Some people develop shoe wear problems which can often be resolved with shoe modifications.
Bunions. Symptoms include pain , stiffness, skin irritation or ulceration, boney protrusion, contact with second toe with resulting pain, contracture deformity, pain at the top of the joint, to name just a few. See your podiatrist for an exam , x rays and more info than we can include here .
Many possibilities. In later stages, the big toe may lean towards the second toe which throws the bones out of alignment – producing the bunion’s “bump” which may lead to possible pain, swelling, instability, and redness of the joint.

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What symptoms do bunions eventually give you?

Pain. Bunions can lead to pain and deformity of the foot leading to difficulty wearing shoes and difficulty in walking. Read more...
Pain. Bunions make the forefoot wider, making it difficult to find shoes that fit properly. Eventually shoe pressure will cause bursitis (inflammation of the soft tissue) or neuritis (inflammation of the nerve) in the area, making it painful to walk. Orthotics can help slow the development of bunions, although once the foot becomes chronically painful, surgery is usually required for relief. Read more...
Many possibilities. Possible causes that patients may experience pain due to a bunion include pressure from ill fitting shoes, joint arthritis, inflammation of the joint capsule or bursa, abnormality of joint alignment, and nerve damage. Read more...