What are the side effects to kadian (morphine)?

Side effects of kadi. Drowsiness, sedation, euphorea, respiratory depression, constipation, nausea&vomiting, dry mouth, dyspepsia, esophageal reflux, increased biliary pressure and intestinal obstruction, constriction of the common bile duct and spasm of sphinter of oddi, making biliary colic worse. It can also cause uncoordinated duodenal contraction and decrease gastri emptying. Insomnia withdrawl symptoms when abruptly stopped.

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Is kadian (morphine) going to have bad side effects?

It depends. Kadian is morphine in a long-acting formulation. Side effects of morphine include constipation, itching, urinary retention, sedation, reparatory depression, and depression. The side effects are dose related. Always try to take the lowest possible dose that provides adequate analgesia. Don't expect too much-the best analgesic can reduce pain only by about 50%.

Is year old prescription of kadian (morphine) going to have bad side effects and will it hurt me?

Hmmmmm. If you have a-year-old prescription for Kadian (morphine) and you are asking this question, I'm concerned that your pain management needs are not being adequately monitored. You need to get in touch with the physician that wrote that prescription, before you make a mistake.

What side effects will morphine sulfate have on someone using it at the end of their life?

The way to go there' S no choice. It may cause agitation, so typically we cocktail it with an anti anxiety med.