My daughter has to go see a bone specialist because her dr said that she has a tight heel cord in both feet, how do they check.

Range of Motion. The usual way is by checking the range of motion of the foot has at the ankle. The top of the foot should be able to move a certain amount of degrees toward the shin bone. It will be checked while the knee is straight and again when the knee is flexed. One possible reason for not enough motion is a tight heel cord. X-rays may or may not be taken. This is a simple hands on test.
Tight heel cords. This is a condition that can occur in normal children if the are always walking on their tip toes. In these cases physical therapy can help. If there is any neurological problems that have lead to tight heal cords, she may need to have surgical release of these tendon contractures. It all depends on the cause and length of time this has been a problem. An orthopedic exam is how they check.
By examination. They will do a physical exam and check.a good foot orthopedic dr or a podiatrist can check that.