What are the side effects of mestinon (pyridostigmine)?

Many. The serious reactions include arrhythmias, hypotension, syncope, bronchospasm, respiratory arrest, pulmonary edema, cardiac arrest, av block, bradycardia, paralysis, seizures, the common reactions include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, dyspepsia, headache, dizziness, hypersalivation, runny nose, muscle cramps, nausea/vomiting, blurred vision, fatigue, urinary frequency and others.

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Side effects of mestinon decrease w/time? Started 30 mg/day for POTS syndrome. By day 2 was able to exercise w/no fainting. Day 7, muscles feel shaky, weak

Nausea, vomiting and. upset stomach are the common side effects of mestinon. Muscle cramps, weakness or twitching of the muscles is extremely rare but not impossible. It is unlikely this dose over this short a time is responsible but not unreasonable to reduce the dose and see what happens. Contact your health care provider as well to alert him/her to the situation. Read more...

Heart dr put me on Pyridostigmine and family dr told me to stop taking this of side effects heart Dr told me that will help me not to pass out?

Need to get. the two of them to talk to eachother. This happens every now and then. A simple phone call usually gets everyone on the same page and is appreciated by all. Best of health to you. Read more...