What causes a dull ache in ribs just under right breast? Pain sometimes shoots to the center of chest between breasts, or dull ache in xyphoid area.

Many things. This could related to a soft tissue injury with referred pain. It could also be related to irritation of one of the intercostal nerves, which can sometimes be related to recurrent chickenpox(so called zoster). It could be lung related inflammation and damage too. To be honest, you'd be best suited to be evaluated in person. If you develop shortness of breath seek a more urgent evaluation.
Talk to doctor. Your dull ache pain in ribs may be due to pain in ribs where they join with bone -sternum .The pain intensity changes with posture also .Consulting your doctor may relieve your anxiety ,you may not need any treatment unless pain become more in intensity or persistent .

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Severe chest pain, breast pain and tenderness, headaches/migranes and back ache. Also shooting pains down arm and legs.?

See a doctor. Severe pain is an alert - a way to get your attention. It says "get this looked into!" It may not be too serious, but w/out proper treatment, it could become worse. I hope you have an exam, follow directions for treatment and feel better soon! Read more...

Was told I have hormonal changes that cause breast pain and lumps can this extend to lumpy painful upper stomach and sore ribs?

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