My fasting blood sugar was 151 and then 2 hours after meal it was 149 are these levels ok I'm not diabetic?

High fasting. A fasting blood sugar of that level is indicative of glucose intolerance, the first stage of type II diabetes. But you should discuss this with the doctor who ordered the test. If you got these results on a home machine, you should discuss this and your overall health status with your personal physician. There may be other factors at work. Good luck!
Fasting. I am interested most in your fasting blood glucose. Normal is 70 to 99 mg/dl. Your fastng blood sugar is high and you need to see your doctor.

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What to do if I check my fasting blood sugar level was 114 and 2 hours after meal was 169, am I diabetic?

Not necessarily. But your glucose are above normal, suggesting diabetes or at least prediabetes. The exact name doesn't matter. You need education, diet, exercise, weight reduction and probably medication. Check w/your doctor. Read more...