I'm 25yrs, virgin not sexually active, my CT scan shows retained fluid in the uterus, my period is regular but this month lasts for25 days as spotting?

Blockage. Sounds like you have some blockage to the out flow of blood. This can be cervical or vaginal but does need to progress or will cause more problems in the future and can make it harder to get pregnant.
Probably temporary. Most women will experience occasional irregularity of their menstrual cycle. If it persists, and you are not pregnant, your gyn will probably want to check your thyroid and prolactin hormones and perhaps order a pelvic ultrasound in the future. Stress, medications, cysts, weight changes are some related factors. Again, this pattern will prove, hopefully, to be a temporary problem. Good luck.
Old uterine blood. The fluid on the CT scan is probably old blood from the 25 days of bleeding. It might be a good idea to see a GYN MD and find out why.

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What are the causes of retained fluid in the uterus shown in the CT scan of a 25yrs girl not virgin not sexually active?

Menstruation. Fluid in the uterus is usually blood and the endometrial tissue from the woman's period. This could be a normal finding depending on the amount of fluid and point of your cycle at whih the CT was performed. Best to talk with a gynecologist about the findings and have them look at the scan. I hope this helps. Read more...