What are the best chemotherapy drugs for non hodgkin lymphoma?

This depends. Non-hodgkin lymphoma comprises many different types of lymphoma. "best" treatment depends upon the subtype of lymphoma. Regimens for b-cell lymphoma include rituximab, and for t-cell do not. Chop, fcr, bendamustine are some of the regimens available.

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What are the best chemotherapy center for high grade non hodgkin lymphoma?

MD Anderson. Md anderson, houston texas, is the best. Toll-free from mexico and canada: 800-811-6167 e-mail: international@mdanderson. Org.
Depends on location. High grade nhl is curable and should be evaluated & treated at a center with experience. However, the treatment may be 4-6 months long and patient will also need family/caregiver support. If the diagnosis is confirmed, subtype properly identified and adequately staged treatment may be safely and skillfully delivered at local or regional cancer center. Access to clinical trials is very helpful.

Are there any non-hodgkin lymphoma survivors who can still have children?

Certainly YES. Although chemotherapy and radiation can cause infertility in both men & women after treatment for lymphoma, some patients do recover years later and are able to conceive. Several factors play into chances of regaining fertility - age (younger the better), type & dose of chemo, amount & site of radiation, etc. Options are now available to try to preserve fertility prior to starting treatments.

Dad had non-hodgkin lymphoma & died, what are chances that son will get it?

Very low... Although large studies of populations do show a statistically increased risk for family members to get a non-hodgkins lymphoma, this is still an uncommon cancer. So the son's chances are still low, although a bit higher than the risk carried by the general population.
Unlikely. Any family history of cancer, especially in first degree relatives, may slightly increase the risk, but the chances are still very small.