Lower back pain and abdominal pain. Hurts to even breath and now fatigue and body aches?

Check this. Lower abdominal pains radiating to the back can be several causes varying from infection, appendicitis, ovarian cyst severe urinary infection, kidney infection. There is no accurate way to find out via this site so go the your doctor or an emergency room today. This is not something to just sit on until you know what is wrong. Good luck.

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Have lower back pain that now has turned to a headache and all over body aches. Any idea on what this could be? No fever temps.

Concerned Doctor . Possibilities include a cold, the flu, myositis, spinal infection, and even more serious diseases. You need a neurological and Orthopaedic exam, labs, imaging and possibly spinal tap. . Read more...

Experiencing low back pain, low abdominal pain, and swollen inguinal lymph nodes. Had an ultra sound done, fluid was found in my pelvis. Fatigued?

Sometimes it is. just premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PDD), formerly known as PMS). And sometimes, it is pregnancy - check a urine preg test and if not pregnant, check again in 1 week if you are not menstruating. Pelvic fluid can be very nonspecific. Sometimes, it can be an ovarian cyst that has ruptured. Or UTI, infection of the urinary tract. Go get yourself checked by family physician. Read more...