What are some negative effects of a tummy tuck?

Many... Serious/rare complications associated with tummy tuck surgery may include deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, pneumonia, infection, bleeding, and even death. Other types of complications (more common) such as superficial incision line healing problems ( wound healing problems), seromas, asymmetry, and/or poor scarring may occur also. Important to select your plastic surgeon carefully.
Tummy tuck. There are risks to any surgical procedure and these must be taken into consideration when contemplating a tummy tuck, however, the overwhelming majority of patients who undergo a tummy tuck are generally pleased with the decision. One of the most commented negative effects is the scar but this is often disregarded when it comes to achieving the goals of improved overall appearance & self-esteem.
Surgical risks. Like any major surgery, there are risks or negatives to a tummy tuck. These include: scar, bleeding, infection, wound healing problems, numbness and blood clots. Your surgeon should discuss these with you, and determine if you at higher-than-usual risk for any of these problems, before you have your operation. Good luck!
Tummy Tuck Cons. Tummy tuck surgery is large scale surgery and permanent numbness in the lower abdomen is part of the bargain. The operation has higher risk than lesser surgery including possible poor wound healing, bleeding, infection and scarring. There are other potential problems that are very rare including blood clots which can be potentially fatal.
Tummy tuck risks. The most common risks and complications following a tummy tuck are 1) fluid collection (seroma /hematoma) and 2) wound separation. Both of these can usually be remedied without any long lasting problems. I have written about these possible post op complications on my blog: http://www.Cosmeticsurg.Net/blog/2011/11/21/tummy-tuck-complications-infection-wound-separation-seroma-hematoma/.
Tummy tuck risks. There are risks with any surgery and this is one.The most imporatnt thing to remeber is early ambulation to minimize blood clots.