Can transitioning formulas lead to diaper rash?

No. Changing baby formulas should not lead to diaper rashes unless the new formula changes the poop a lot, causing diarrhea.
Yes. Anything the baby eats may cause a diaper rash depending upon how it is digested. This is a matter of observation and trial and error.
Yes. All foods, including formulas, are digested differently. Making a change between formulas will cause the intestines to digest different nutrients. This may cause temporary constipation, diarrhea, or both (or neither) until your digestive system adapts. Many people find that with changing formula their child gets looser stool and a diaper rash in the short term; should resolve in a week or two.

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Does thrush lead to diaper rash?

Yes. Thrush is a generally mild infection of the mouth (lips, gums, tongue and inside the cheeks) caused by a yeast. Babies with thrush will also sometimes develop a yeast type diaper rash as well. Consult your baby's pediatrician to confirm these diagnoses and for treatment.
Yes. It can spread by touching the diaper are with contaminated hands. Good hand washing of the infant is important.

Please tell me can spilled formula cause a diaper rash?

Likely not. If your child tolerates the formula well for feeding, then it is unlikely to cause a rash if spilled on the skin. However, it is possible to develop a contact dermatitis (or irritant rash) whenever something touches the skin - but very unlikely.

Didn't start my 6mo on cereal --veggies and fruits. Still taking 24-30 oz of formula. Do I need to give her cereal for iron? Rice caused diaper rash.

Yes. I would try to add other types of cereals such as oatmeal, barley, or high protein. Now that your baby is 6 mos you can slowly start pureed tables foods as well. Spinach, broccoli, and beans can also provide some iron the cereals are an important source of additional protein.
You don't NEED to. But it is a good idea to expose your child to a well balanced diet If one type of cereal seem to cause a problem, you may try another type, such as barley or oats. Yes, infant cereals are iron fortified, but so are infant formulas. Here is an article on solids for infants: http://www. Healthychildren. Org/English/ages-stages/baby/feeding-nutrition/Pages/Switching-To-Solid-Foods. Aspx.

Is it normal for child to have diaper rash due to bowel movements and could it be something wrong with formula?

It is not uncommon. Careful with the baby wipes which also can lead to more irritation. I prefer just wash cloth and water when possible at home. Try a little desitin (zinc oxide diaper cream) and corn starch to keep bum dry and leave diaper off if possible for longer periods of time to let skin stay drier.
Diaper rash. Stools can cause a diaper rash from irritation of skin. If a child has watery stools, fussiness with feeds, emesis, blood in stools than formula allergy may be a cause.

3mo formula changed from Similac Sensitive to Enfamil AR. Wet stools/diarrhea, awful diaper rash, & very pale yellow-green pasty stools. Milk change?

That is possible. Stools expected to change w/formula change until your baby's intestine adjusts to new formula. Greenish yellow seedy stools are a normal stool color for babies. There are many. Is the baby excessively fussy /gassy. If not, give it a bit longer to see how your baby is adjusting. Many changes & you can't tell what works. For rash-barrier ointment & air helpful can mix maalox w/it and apply.

I have diaper rash?

Diaper rash. Keep area clean and dry & consider use of a topical corticosteroid if significantly inflamed.

Hi, I have a diaper rash.

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How to take care of a diaper rash?

Diaper Rash. Ask your doctor if a diaper rash cream would be helpful. Zinc oxide or petroleum jelly-based products help keep moisture away from baby's skin when applied to completely clean, dry skin avoid using wipes that have alcohol or perfume. They may dry out or irritate the skin more do not use corn starch on your baby's bottom. It can make a yeast diaper.
Diaper rash. For diaper rash keep baby's skin clean & dry. Change diaper as soon as it's soiled or wet. For healing allow baby to go without diaper for periods of time so affected area can air out. Avoid tight diapers or airtight covers over diaper. Meds your Dr. Might recommend include antifungal cream (for fungus), a steroid cream (for significant inflammation) or an antibiotic (for bacterial infection.)