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Pad on palm of my thumb hurts sometime after playing video games?

Very common. Slow down cowboy, you do not want to be laid off or have carpal tunnel and trigger fingers within a year or two, do u?

I was playing basketball and I don't remember hitting the ball to my thumb. Now my thumb hurts when I move and rest it. Should I be concerned?

Get exam if... "jammed" fingers/ thumb are common w/ basketball (and football and other sports). If your pain continues over next 48 hrs. Or u develop bruising or any visible deformity see your pcp for evaluation and x-rays...

I was playing basketball today and my thumb went back toward my arm! And now my palm near my thumb hurts a lot. Injury?

Many possibilities. There could be a tendon injury, muscle tear, avulsion or fracture. May want to try icing it and nsaids, if no better within a day or 2 please see a doc.