How much fiber supplement to take to relieve constipation for a woman?

30 gm. It's agood idea to eat food with high fiber. But if need extra supplement, then take over the counter fiber supplement up to 25-30 gm daily with lots of water. Thanks.
Type and amt. Can't believe how many sites get this wrong. First, you need INSOLUBLE fiber not SOLUBLE. Second, you have to like it. So... celery, kale, spinach while INSOLUBLE, are somewhat unpleasant, while corn, Mixed salad, antipasto, Grilled root vegetables (beets), Grilled cauliflower, ratatuille, much less so. Lentils, wheatberries, quinoa, other beans...depends on if I'm cooking. 30-40 gm. 9gm/cup veg.