Suffer stomach bloating and abdomen pain. Why?

Lots of options. Gas pain can come from a wide variety of sources including diet, medication, menstrual cycles, previous surgery, stress and many many more. If the problem does not resolve, call your family doctor for an appointment.

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And symptoms still there even 2weeks tmt finish and she suffer with abdomen pain, bloating nause and taste less tongue for that what to do?

Further studies. Without knowing what the 2 week treatment is, difficult to tell; see your doctor because you will likely need and endoscopy and an ultrasound or cat scan.
See MD ASAP. While your question is too vague to give a specific answer, anytime a condition is still present 2 weeks after treatment you need to go back to your doctor. It is obvious that the initial treatment did not solve the problem. Do not wait!

I have had lower left abdomen pain and gas and bloating.?

See your doctor. This is not specific enough to hazard an answer. An clinical exam by your doctor will be importnat.

I'm nauseated all the time and suffering severe abdomen pain, bloating and fluorescent yellow diarrhoea. What is wrong with me?

See a doctor. You have a gastroenteritis, and although this is most often viral and should clear up within 3-5 days, if you have fever, or other symptoms or this has been going on for a long time you should definitely be examined and diagnosed professionally. Good luck.

Calprotectin 680 with right abdomen pain. Colonoscopy clean, stool hard and sometimes liquid. Still got a bit of pain and bloating. 100% Crohns right?

Ileitis. Your gastroenterologist is best qualified to answer this, but I wonder if Crohn involvement of the ileus explains the elevated calprotectin level and your symptoms. Apparently no involvement of the colon was visualized. I also assume that irritable bowel syndrome, lactose and gluten intolerance are ruled out.

Frequent urinating with sharp pain in lower left abdomen with cramping feeling in abdomen & pain in my back with bloating. What can be causing this?

All signs point. To a urinary tract infection. An inflamed bladder can cause or exacerbate those symptoms. I think you should go unfor exam but likely a short course of right antibiotics will do. Good luck.

I'm have low left abdomen pain radiates to low back w/ bloating 2 days now appendix removed 2 mo ago, hurts to cough, no fever, have mctd & IBS 24yr old?

Abdominal pain. Left lower pain is not on the same side as your appendix. It could be a host of reasons. You should see your primary care doctor for an exam and possible cat scan.