Bad bloating in upper abdomen &chest, frequent bowel movements, reflux, belching, pain in center of chest, cleared by cardiology, thoughts?

Sounds like gastriti. see your regular doc. you may need to be checked for H pilori infection. You may need a UGI or gastroscope. You probably need meds to block the acid effects and possibly specific antibiotics. Watch for vomiting something that looks like coffee grounds or black stools. Get this checked out.
You mentioned. the most likely answer in your question: reflux. Try an antacid like pepcid or zantac (ranitidine). Gallbladder could also be a problem, if you still have yours. If the antacids don't work, see your doctor, as you may need an ultrasound of your gallbladder. Hope this helps!
GI symptoms. Your GI symptoms make me think this is likely GERD. You should see a GI physician for further clarification.

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Had hemorrhoidectomy 6 weeks ago. Since then have had frequent bowel movements daily, gas, constant belching, cramping, & reflux. On protonix (pantoprazole).

Bad gallbladder. Fever, nausea, pain in upper belly, usually right sided, bloating, belching, worse after eating fatty (or other) foods, getting worse over time, or after a surgery, family history are all symptoms of a bad gallbladder. Hydrate, avoid fatty foods while waiting for your doc surgeon visit, diagnostic testing, and/or surgery date. Take a friend with you to appointments. Be well. Read more...