How long after artefill is injected do you have to wait wait until you have it removed? I"m fearfull of the negative complications.

Removing ArteFill. It is uncommon to have to remove ArteFill. Keep in mind that while ArteFill has been available in the US since 2007, it has been used safely and successfully worldwide for soft tissue augmentation, for more than 10 years prior. As with all fillers there can be bruising, swelling after injection. Make sure your injector has lots experience with ArteFill. Speak to them about your specific concerns.
Artefill Removal. You do not understand that the filler is a series of 'beads' of polymathy substance that becomes infiltrated into you normal tissue upon injection. Removal is quite difficult and could cause scarring. Best to return to your injecting doctor for advise.. Sometimes Steriod + %-FU injections can help.