Pain around belly button after gall bladder removal surgery?

More Information... It's hard to give an exact answer without more information, however if your surgery was done laparoscopically usually one of the incisions is made in or around the belly button for placement of the camera. Your pain might be because of this incision. Do you have an incision there? The best thing to do is contact your surgeon.
Very common 3-4 wks. Pain around the umbilicus is common since that is often the site that the gall bladder is removes. There is a stitch at this location. Give it time.

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I had gall bladder surgery 3 weeks ago and now I am having pain in my left side above my belly button. Why?

See Your Surgeon. It's very difficult to answer this without the benefit of the knowledge of your surgery or your physical exam findings. What I can tell you is that the gallbladder is usually removed from the abdomen thru the umbilical incision. Therefore, it is common to have pain there even three weeks later.
Maybe still healing. Abdominal pains after surgery can be from abdominal wall muscle spasms or muscle discomforts, and can be from some internal gas bloating. Without a physical examination, it is hard to know why you have pains. See your surgeon, and see them urgently if you are having fevers, vomiting, or worsening pain.

I had gall bladder surgery a month ago. My belly button was an innie but is now an outie. When will it go back to normal? Can I do something to help?

Not sure. If you had the "outie" directly after surgery, it may be how the surgeon put the incision back together, and the only way to fix it is another surgery (only needed for cosmetic reasons). If it was an "innie" after surgery, but all of a sudden is an "outie", then you may have a hernia related to the surgery.
Go see the surgeon. It could be normal postoffice changes but if it does not change in another 2-4 weeks, you should see your surgeon; it may be a hernia.
See your surgeon. This may be due to normal swelling due to the proliferative wound healing phase, and often referred to as a "healing ridge". Could also be that the attachment of the belly button was lifted off the abdominal wall during surgery. Lastly, it could represent an opening of the abdominal wall, also known as a hernia. See your surgeon for an exam, and specify your goals for an outcome.

Surgery 9.dys ago bad pain left. Side. Of.belly button had lapro 4 ovarian cysts and lysis of adhesions from previous gall bladder s feel really bloated?

Schedule follow up. Usually people are feeling pretty normal 9 days after a laparoscopic surgery. If you are still having pain then it is important to schedule a follow up post op visit with the doctor who did your surgery to make sure all is ok.