Is there a treatment for melasma?

Peels, laser. Bleaching creams are helpful, but a combination treatment may be needed combining laser with a q switched yag and bleaching cream. A newer non irritating bleaching products obtains coffeberry extract revaleskin for people sensitive to hydroquinone.
There are several. Avoid sun, and use a broad spectrum sunscreen. Bleaching creams that contain hydroquinone should be applied twice a day. Over the counter-porcelana; prescreiption melanex, lustra, eldoquin forte, eldopaqui forte, vinaquin forte, and solaquin forte are some options. Tretinoin creams (retin-a, renova) enhances hydroquin's effectiveness or can be used alone.Azelaic acid is also effective.
Yes...but... Melasma is pigmentation of the skin due do hormonal fluctuations. The prescription lightening creams contain hydroquinone, which inhibit pigment production, allowing your body to metabolize the excess pigment. However, this medication does not alter the underlying hormonal status. So if one stops using it, the dyspigmentation will likely recur. The transient result also occur with laser and light devices.
Yes. Melasma is patchyhyperpigmented skin that is usually due to hormonal changes. Treatments can help soften and reduce it but will not cure it. Treatments can be obagi skin care line, melange peel (full and mini), pixel laser and using vitamin d and b.