What is the best treatment for fish scale disease?

Alpha-hydroxy lotion. Fish scale disease (ichthyosis), is a terrible condition with a terrible name. It's inherited and causes dead skin cells to not fall off, leading to buildup of thick, flaky skin. Lotions and creams with alpha-hydroxy acids (amlactin, lac-hydrin, eucerin body creme) or urea (carmol) help exfoliate, smoothing the skin. A dermatologist can also prescribe retinoids that help.
Lac-Hydrin. The condition tends to improve with age. Application of 12% ammonium lactate (lac-hydrin; amlactin) or urea cream is very effective.
Home remedy. I am no dcotor but I have had this problem in my family for years.The indian (india) cure that has worked is:mix gylcerine, lemon juice and rose water in 3:1:1 ratio (mixture lasts for about 2 weeks).Rub into affected area immediately after a hot bath or shower.The big problem with this is your skin tasts sweet a sour until you wash it off.But the idea is to keep it on.Results likely in a month.
Moisturize. Because ichthyosis is a result in defective skin barrier function, the only treatment is to replace the barrier to reduce water loss thru skin. Lotions that contain Lactic Acid help reduce the thickened scales. On top of which, one should apply a thicker cream or ointment to seal in the moisture. This should be done on moist skin immediately after showers.