I need a prescription for a non-penicillin antibiotic for a toothache until I can see a dentist. I'm also seeking a prescription for Belviq (lorcaserin).

Misguided. Pills do not cure everything, and more often than not are not the best way to to resolve issues long term. Consider seeing a dentist for your dental problem and if the Belviq (lorcaserin) is for weight loss, more exercise and less calories along with seeing a physician if other related issues. Antibiotics for most toothaches are worthless. Set up some appointments asap.
Infection? All toothaches are not caused by infections.. many are caused by inflamed nerves: antibiotics are useless for these conditions. You need to make seeing a dentist a priority... make the call for an appointment now. No matter what pill you take, it will not fix your tooth, only prolong your agony.
Consulting for Rx. By requesting a personal consult, a physician of your choice will be able to speak with you, review your records and possibly prescribe medications. Controlled substances and lifestyle enhancing drugs, including those for weight loss, are not available through this online service.