I got stung by a bee 2 days and my leg is extremly swollen, red, hot, hard, and EXTREMELY SORE AND PAINFUL. The red area is the size of my palm?

Cellulitis. Symptoms of pain, redness, swelling, and warmth suggest a skin infection called cellulitis. Cellulitis can occur from any trauma to the skin, including from bites and stings. Because of the increasing incidence of resistant bacteria, evaluation and treatment by a physician is required. Untreated cellulitis can lead to abscess and/or sepsis (blood infection).
Allergic to bees. sounds like an allergic reaction to bees. Ice the area, keep the bite clean and elevate the leg. Call your doc and let her know about this. If this continues to worsen or you have changes in your breathing, go to ER immediately.
Get to a doctor. Could be a allergic reaction or an area of infection. You need treatment right away. Get to an urgent care center of emergency department tonight.