My big toe hurts at the corner by the nail. What should I do?

Most likely ingrowin. Try not cut short, keep clean with h2o2 soaks, if got inflamed see your doctor.
Ingrown Nail. Most likely this is an ingrown nail. Bathroom surgery is not usually recommended. Especially if you have diabetes or poor circulation. See a podiatrist that could easily remove a portion of this ingrown nail for chronic reccurent problems permanent nail correction is available.

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My left big toe hurts under the nail. I am female, 30. The pain was sudden and worsens when standing or when touching the nail. My ankle hurts when I?

Toe pain. Toe pain can be for various reasons. Although you do not remember specific injury some type of bruise most likely. Nail might have gotten pulled off bed a little. Fungal infection or ingrown nail possible. Arthritis neuritis or neuropathy possible. Outside chance, but embolus possible.

Both of my pinky toe nails around the edge away from the big toe hurts when pressure is added to it. What does this sound like?

See below. Sounds like there could be corns present, most likely from rubbing against shoes. Toenail may also be involved in corn or ingrown. Again this often happens from excessive shoe pressure.

My big toe hurts really bad if I bump the tip of the nail or even if my shoe or sock presses against it to tight.

Ingrown Nail. It sounds like you have the beginnings of an ingrown toenail--see a foot specialist soon, and they will help you get rid of it before it becomes infected. They will also be able to help you prevent a recurrence.
Toe pain. Is there swelling, redness or warmth of the toe? These signs would indicate either inflammation or infection. Causes include gout, cellulitis, arthritis, and fracture. More info is needed.

Big toe pain near nail. What home remedy is good for this?

Warm water. Soaks followed by topical antibiotic. If pain persists see a foot doc who may need to perform a partial nail avulstion. This is a quick in office procedure that will fix your problem.
See below. Try soaking in warm water with liquid dishwashing detergent. This will help soften the skin. If the nail is involved use a cuticle stick to seperate the nail from the skin and then cover with andiseptic and bandaid.