During self breast exam I note my areolas feel lumpy beneath the skin. Some lumps larger and firmer than others. Are lumps meant to be there?

Normal findings... The breast tissue usually feels "lumpy" because of the mammary glands which give them that quality. However, if you have felt a hard lump or larger than usual that persists for several days or more it is time to have that checked with your doctor. Also if you have skin changes on your breast area, fluid coming out of your nipples or changes in your nipple appearance you need immediate evaluation.

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Both of my boobs hurt. But I don't feel lumps that are mobile. My boobs are more hard it feels like when I give myself a self breast exam.?

Good you're checking. Sounds like your breast tissue is pretty dense - perhaps fibroadenomatous. That makes self-checks challenging & sometimes frustrating. So, wait until the best day of your cycle when your breasts will be least swollen & tender: roughly 3-5 days after the end of your period, about the same time in your cycle every month. Tell your doc you are having breast pain. You may benefit from further testing. Read more...

I have lumps in my breasts and you can feel them. They are cysts and tissue. How do I know which ones are of concern when doing a self breast exam?

Sorry, you can't. even in experienced hands, very difficult to tell if lump is of concern or not. Imaging of your breasts best way to help determine if the lumps are of concern or not. Screening mammogram and possible ultrasound to start. Hope this was helpful. Best of luck. Dr R. Read more...