Know the best vitamin K cream to use?

None. Vitamin k is necessary for normal blood clotting; it is given orally or as an injection. I have never seen a vitamin k cream on the market, nor would one be of medical benefit.

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Where should I buy vitamin K cream over the counter? What is it useful for?

It sounds like. You are buying it just to buy it...Maybe something you read? Vit k is needed for proper clotting and is not a supplement you need unless you have clotting issues and a hematologist has recommended it. Dark leafy greens contain vitamin k and it should be enough for your health. It is best to get our vitamins form foods first. Supplement for specific deficiencies.

Do plastic surgeons recommend vitamin K cream for daily use?

Vitamin K is necessa. Vitamin k is an essential vitamin for blood clotting and many things but most people maintain on there usual diet and life style including outdoors exsposure daily supplement is only necessary iffegivornt.
No. You might be thinking about vitamin e cream, which some think might benefit scars but there is little evidence to show this. Vitamin k has no known topical benefit to skin for daily use.