Is this bacterial vaginosis if you have a mild discharge but have odor?

Probably. A "fishy" odor is the single most diagnostic symptom of bv, even if there is no discharge. But other things can cause odor as well, such as a retained tampon or yeast with it's "yeasty" odor. Your doctor can confirm if the odor is due to bv.

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I have vaginal discharge with no odor. I just treated myself for bacterial vaginosis, everything seemed fine until I noticed heave discharge.

See doctor. A few things come to mind. There are no approved otc meds for bv, no unless a doctor called something in for you, it might not have been a BV medication. Bacterial vaginosis (bv) tends to have a distinct odor, so if your discharge did not have one, may have been something else, such as yeast. Worth seeing your doc to determine cause- there is a new high quality test (affirm) which can help tell. Read more...