Shall I go to the ER now right abdomen pain for two days couldnt sleep. No fever no chills no vomit, .can it still be appendicites. In pain?

Possible appendiciti. Any other symptoms? Any diarrhea? Any other sick contacts? Is the abdominal pain sharp? If the abd pain is severe, sharp and has been going on for 2 days please seek medical attention.
Need more info. Right sided abdominal pain can be caused by many different causes, gas pain, constipation, kidney stones, even appendicitis. Would need to know how severe the pain is on pain scale of 1-10, also is there any change in bowel movement, when was last bowel movement, where in the right side of abdomen is the pain, upper?mid?lower? any urinary symptoms. If pain severe, go to ER today, if mild fam dr.