Is smoking marijuana useful for treating panic disorder?

No. Smoking marijuana is not useful for treating panic disorder. It may distort time and induce a temporary feeling of relaxation for some, but some also report a feeling of anxiety and paranoia when smoking. By its very nature, untreated panic disorder has attacks that come suddenly. Seems more sensible to be evaluated, learn ways to handle anxiety, and use prescription medications if needed.
Yes and No. Many with panic disorder aided by medicinal cannabis ; oft express preference for this medication vs. Synthetic drugs. Use of cannabis dependent upon emotional maturity ; emotional stability. Females should be checked for heart murmur ; mitral valve prolapse. Hyperactive thyroid ruled-out a must. Therefore gen. Med exam necessarily precedent. Use only in states allowing ; guided by a cannabis md.
I would've liked to . Be part of that scientific trial! unfortunately, no science to back it up reliably and reproducibly.

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Could the use of synthetic marijuana cause panic disorder sleep disorder and aniexty?

Marinol. Yes. All three are common effects of using synthetic marijuana. Read more...
Synthetic MJ BAD. Synthetic mj isn't mj, it's a psychoactive drug that can can be very dangerous, having resulted in hallucinations, paranoia, homicidal actions, convulsions and death in many users. Stay away from this very dangerous drug! see http://www.Drugabuse.Gov/publications/drugfacts/spice-synthetic-marijuana. Read more...

Taking 37.5 mg venlaflexine, just prescribed citalopram 10 mg. To supplement for panic disorder. I also use medical marijuana. What interactions?

Seratonin Syndrome. Combination of all 3 might cause excessive somnolence or sedation. In addition, using venlafaxine and citalopram puts you at risk of developing a condition called seratonin syndrome (excessive seratonin in system), cardiac arrythmias (irregular heart beat )and hyponatremia (low sodium). You might want to discuss this with your physician. Read more...