Have had gallbladder removal. Have RUQ pain sometimes. Diagnosed with GERD. Can GERD cause RUQ pain just to right of middle of chest. Have gas too?

Maybe. Pain in that location is pretty nonspecific, and doesn't sound dangerous, particularly in a 33 year old. Certainly could be due to GERD, although it is atypical. Best to see a general practitioner for a more complete evaluation. Hope this helps!

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No gallbladder. Occasional RUQ pain just to right of middle chest. Have GERD. Could GERD be the cause? Could it be gas?

Could be gerd. If you had gallbladder out and have a known history of gerd it could certainly be reflux. There is a test called a bravo pH study in which a probe is placed in esophagus and records reflux episodes the receiver that you wear has buttons to press when you experience pain this allows dr to correlate your pain with the pH in esophagus to see if reflux is causing the pain. Suggest you get this test. Read more...

RUQ pain off and on. No gallbladder. Have GERD/acid reflux. Could GERD cause pain slightly to right of middle of chest?

Yes. Yes it could. So could ulcer pain, pain in your colon, liver problems and other issues. In addition, right sided pneumonias or even chest injury/strain can cause it. So, there are many things that can cause pain to the right of midline, even without a gall bladder! Read more...