I pee a lot. I am a diabetic and have celiac disease. I also get a lot of uti.

Stay hydrated. If diabetes is not controlled, the high blood sugars will drag fluid out of your kidneys and dehydrate you. The fluid loss from celiac disease can also dehydrate you. You may want to make sure your blood sugar is controlled and that you are not on any "water pills," meds than make you urinate. Also, you may want to make sure you wipe front-to-back only to avoid infecting yourself, resulting in UTI.
Elevated blood sugar. will make the kidneys excrete more urine, as well as sugar in the urine is more likely to cause a UTI. Also, if you drink XS fluid or are on medications for BP or heart failure. Modifying your blood sugar by diet or insulin or other medications should help. Please work with your doctor and or nutritionist to be as healthy as you can be.