Is chest pain a common symptom of panic disorder or anxiety?

Can be. But panic and anxiety can also contribute to angina and heart attacks.
Yes! It is one of the main symptom of a panic attack (present in at least 40% of panic attacks). Google to get a detailed comparison between anxiety chest pain (acp) and cardiac chest pain (ccp).

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Mallory-weiss tear from vomiting. Doc said ok but 4 days later have stomach/chest pain trouble breathing. Have panic disorder too, anxiety symptoms?

Mallory Weiss. Most mw tears are indeed minor and self limited. They will heal without any help as long as you can keep from vomiting. Continued or worsening pain might prompt a relook. Anxiety could certainly make your symptoms more noticeable.

If I'm having hot flashes, back pain, chest pain, fear to be sick. Just feel safe with my husband around me. Am I having a panic disorder?

Could be but........ The symptoms you described could occur during a panic attack. However, if this is the first time you are experiencing these symptoms and you have no previous underlying medical/psychiatric or stressful situations that would account for them, then get checked out as soon as you can.
Anxiety/panic. It sounds like anxiety to me. See your doc.
Possibly. If being around your husband relieves all of those symptoms, then very likely you are having panic attacks. But, if those symptoms, especially the chest pain, are present with your husband around, then call 911 or an ambulance or go to a health care facility asap.
Not sure but. A number of physical disorders can produce these symptom so I suggest you see your primary care md right away. It appears you are experiencing anxiety symptoms but there are other symptoms that may represent an underlying physical ailment.

I have panic disorder, see a therapist and have had my heart checked which is said to be healthy. Since last july I battle panic attacks every day. I have chest pain and palpitations. How do I cope?

Progressive. Relaxation. Mediatation I would refer your to the book: the relaxation response by herbert benson, M.D.
Get a heart check up. Getting a stress test may help alleviate your fears. Once you are certain no heart issues are present, then it becomes a matter of either counseling, group therapy, or medication therapy.

Panic disorder an chest pains.?

MVP. In the setting of panic disorder can be diagnosed with an echocardiogram. One can sometimes hear the valve click with a stethoscope exam. See your doctor about this. Typically one feels sudden sharp pains in the chest.
May be related. We need a bit more history about chest pains before determining its relation with panic disorder.

I have anxiety/panic attacks and get a lot of physiological symptom (fast heart, throat tightness, chest pain)recently I have a sinking feel in heart....

Testing is needed. Obtain an ambulatory 24 hour EKG monitor and be sure your symptoms are not due to a cardiac arrhythmia or inappropriate sinus tachycardia, most of which are treatable. Obtain a thyroid test as well. If your symptoms are due to anxiety, listen to them and use biofeedback to begin to control your heart rate and contraction force.

Is a feeling of uneasiness, tachycardia, and chest pain, symptoms of anxiety, or panic?

Anxiety. Yes, but it could be physical also. Please visit your doctor to make sure all is well physically. Then see a mental health pro such as a clinical psychologist who specializes in anxiety / panic. It is a very treatable situation. You can learn skills to manage this. Peace and good health.

Can my back and right side of chest be sore from laying around to much due to anxiety/panic disorder?

Anxiety panic. Many possibilities. Discuss this with your doctor. Are you getting professional help for the anxiety panic disorder? It is very important to get professional help for this.
Hard to Say. There are lots of reasons why you might be having pain, so it would be best to get a good physical evaluation. Sometimes, chronic feelings of anxiety can be connected to pain, and episodes of panic can certainly be associated with chest pain. In any case, start with an appointment with you primary care physician.

On meds for anxiety/panic disorder so why is it my heart rate is still fast and chest and heart hurts dr said its my anxiety. Heart dr said heart is ok?

Being on meds. Doesn't automatically mean that your symptoms will be well controlled. Have your medications been optimized? Are you using non-pharmacologic techniques as well? There are a # of ways to address anxiety: Cognitive behavioral therapy, behavior modification, individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, , Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Homeopathy, meditation, Yoga & exercise program.